Eliza Doolittle – Skinny Genes (2.0)

Posted in girls, music by okkame on July 11, 2011

I’ve been forgetting about fabulous Miss Doolittle. This video is made for me. Way to go. A very clever way to play with SEX.



MAX – Love Is Dreaming

Posted in girls, music by okkame on July 9, 2011

You’re watching the best of a long living Japanese girl group, perhaps the longest living girl group on Earth, MAX. Truly chic and modern. Korean girl groups will never obtain this degree of finesse and class.



NANA (on the far right in the screengrab) of MAX is still my ideal girl.


NYC prol greats

Posted in Uncategorized by okkame on July 8, 2011

UTZ potato chips: Only $1



TOP Menthol: Only $4


 They’re all good looking.


And also my roommate Keith said there’s a 1$ PBR bar 7 blocks from my place.


* Where can I get the cheapest flip flops in NYC? Flip flopless summer life sucks !


Chara – Cherry Cherry

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Fuck yeah ! A golden classic of JPOP ! So fucking good ! 


I kinda got a job now. I’m tired. To cut a long story short, I’m still thinking about the girl who sniffed my hair at Shea Stadium. Maybe she didn’t? I’m not sure. I was fucking stoned. I thought she was a real knockout. This post will be edited… I’m tired of being duped.


YUKI – スタンドアップ!シスタ (Stand Up! Sister)

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The screengrab could have fooled you. This music video is about a cute girl doing erotic dance moves



I think this video goes back about a decade. But look see, it is still on the cutting edge and more than capable of overwhelming any music videos being made as of this moment. Don’t be discouraged if you reasonably realized you wouldn’t make a music video of this level of fullness in your life time. This is a once-in-a-life time kind of happening and you have no way of overpowering a supernatural force. I’m not saying this just because I had a transcendental mastubatory experience watching this video way back when. YUKI is a great singer and song writer. I loved her band Judy and Mary. I “Was” crazy about small and extra cute Japanese girls. I “Was” fucking innocent. “Was”. I’m little less innocent and my mind and dick swing other ways now.



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This is terrible except for the stranger fucker Katy. Can’t even hold a can of PBR to Hipster Olympics three years back. Park Slope? Seriously? Going to Park Slope means  just a lot of leg works only to find yourself among the dispiriting hubbub of  frat boys and sorority girls. Willisamsburg is the best despite its occasional sucky denizens. Speaking of Fashion, my friend Matiyu will run circles around ‘em billyburg hipsters once his huge cock is admitted in there to point towards a variety of bouncy jean shorts. I am not bluffing nor dignifying my friend’s existence. I know it all and have seen enough already.


The Coathangers – Johnny / Toomerhead @ Kent 285

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I’m seething with regret and anger that I skipped The Coathangers/Bush Tetras for what /     /     /  I can’t remember because Bush Tetras seem to play every other week and I was kinda unenthusiastic about going to shows back then ? – well, there were so many options in my hand. The Coathangers are cute as fuck ! and their new album is really good. Biding my time, I won’t forget to hang my coat (perhaps I should wait until this Fall/Winter – The Coat season ?) again.

Kent 285  is the shittest sounding NYC venue so far. This video flatters the venue. Real Estate kinda trumped that setback last Thursday but the other bands couldn’t. The audience was so young. Todd P looked totally out of the youthful DIY league, emitting the ambiance of an unfunny Bill Murray – BTW, Has Bill Murray ever been  funny?



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Roni Horn, Portrait of an Image (with Isabelle Huppert), 2005



I think I saw Reggie Watts in Williamsburg a few hours ago. He was the most striking thing I’ve ever seen in NYC, beautifully dressed (including his ginormous hair),  galloping on a bike like a crazy man. Anyone knows where he lives?


U.S. Girls – ‘If These Walls Could Talk’

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Noveller/Unfact/U.S. Girls tonight


April March – Mingnonette

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I’m still looking at you out of the corner of my eyes. You’re impenetrable, inhumanly impervious to all my cooing and wooing. I’m dreaming about gutting your concrete lovelessness and being reborn a twitching bacterial cog of  your dinosaurian dynamo. It’s not because I’m itching to work in your stiff, uncaring bosom but because you are a high-maintenance cock-teaser. You’re white girls with jean shorts. You’re a heavenly peep show whose unwitting protagonists are scrambling to exit from the jerky stage of my paramount yen leaving a stinging sensation of earthly evanescence in my misty pupils. You’re fallen angels.  You enabled me to put the flesh on many people who previously existed only on the internet. Some were better looking, some were not. I was lucky to watch Thurston Moore from a distance, although I missed his show. But he wasn’t most affecting. [                  ] is. She was a Nico reincarnation. I’m hoping for April March. I read She’s living in NYC. And of course, I wouldn’t talk to her even if she is standing in front of me.



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