Black Artists Group – In Paris, Aries 1973 (1973, BAG)

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This chunk of soul-scorching black force holds up neatly as a historic document of nameless glory days of Free Jazz Underground.

BAG’s Charles “Bobo” Shaw,  Oliver Lake and Joseph Bowie were also in Human Arts Ensemble. Check HAE’s Funky Donkey out as well. It’s topnotch mad cat party music.

Tidbit: I came across Charles “Bobo” Shaw through an interview of James Chance years ago; Maybe it was on Pitchfork and around that time I also found out great BOMB magazine owing to my then-ongoing James Chance fever. I just thought the name ‘Charles “Bobo” Shaw’ is cool and in the course of nature, got to get my hands on HAE (I couldn’t locate Black Artists Group stuff anywhere then). James Chance aspired to be a serious jazz musician and studied under David Murray of World Saxophone Quartet for a spell. It didn’t seem to work out and David Murray advised him to go Rock ‘N’ Roll way, which he did. I’ve never been lucky and well-off enough to witness The Contortions but my friend Nodagiri saw them at Matt Groening’s ATP. He said he saw James Chance busily counting plenty of greens at the merch table. It was hugely disappointing to hear that. hmm It appears no hipster can best time.



Band : Black Artists Group
Album : In Paris, aries 1973
Year : 1973
Label : BAG
Cat # : BAG 324 000

# Title Aritst

Program 1
A1 . Echos (Bowie, Lake, Shaw, Le Flore, Carroll)
A2 . Something To Play On (Shaw)

Program 2
B1 . Re-Cre-A-Tion (Lake)
B2 . OLCSJBFLBC (Bowie, Lake, Shaw, Le Flore, Carroll)

Joseph Bowie : Trombone, Conga, Miscellaneous Instruments.

Baikida E.J. Carroll : Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Bass, Log Drum, Cowbells, Miscellaneous Instruments.

Charles W. Shaw, JR “Bobo” : Drums, Woodblocks, Gong, Miscellaneous Instruments, Stylophone. Under The Sun

Floyd Le Flore :Trumpet, Miscellaneous Instruments, Voice.

Oliver Lake : Saxophones, Flûte, Marimbas, Mud Drums, Miscellaneous Instruments.

This Music Recorded Live in memory of Kada KAHAN

A short review taken from “TOP TEN FROM THE FREE JAZZ UNDERGROUND” by Thurston Moore

The Black Artists Group was an unit not unlike that of The Art Ensemble of Chicago. Except they only recorded this one document and it only came out in France on a label named after the group. This is squeaky, spindly stuff and very OPEN and a good indication of what was happening in the early 70’s with members Oliver Lake (later of the infamous World Saxophone Quartet) and Joseph Bowie (Art Ensemble’s Lester Bowie’s bro, later to start Defunkt).
If you like Art Ensemble of Chicago (circa the 1970s) and the Human Arts Ensemble, you’ll like this recording. Needless to say, this music is hard as hell to come by.


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