Reines D’Angleterre – Les Comores (2010, Bo’Weavil)

Posted in music by okkame on June 19, 2010


A Stupefying french novelty that will bend the time-consciousness continuum, from a label of high reliability, Bo’Weavil. If only I could afford this. But I know some of you can buy this. Strange and Beautiful, and Scary music. The label’s words are just well put.


Reines D’Angleterre is inexplicable ethnic residue, the prince of all taste, a stripped back smear on the blight of genre. The music of Reines D’Angleterre’s feasts on duality: chaos and order, narrative and anti narrative, erection and destruction, dread and comedy. The voice rides alongside electronics: cracked beaten, weathered and bruised.

él-g met Ghédalia via a radio show which resulted in high frivolity. Following this Jo was asked to join them in the band which manifested in 2008. To the public, they first surfaced playing a live set at the esteemed Colour out of Space festival in Brighton, a welcoming bed for all idiophonics. Reines D’Angleterre made friends with a damaged conglomeration of live concrete, sound poetry, faux ethnicity and sincere eccentricity. Subsequent shows allowed the outfit to explore and refine their discovered terrain as it unfolded. A recording session resulted in the unique concoction ‘Les Comores’ (a reference to the island off the eastern coast of Africa which France still administers as an ‘overseas collectivity’). A band made up of Ghédalia Tazartes and a couple of hyperactive young buck Parisians Jo and él-g. Both of these humans are steeped in unsavory operations covering grounds of pop, electronic hallucinations, damaged pyramids and hurled comedy (él-g) and the Tanzprocesz label and Placenta Popeye duet (Jo ). They also both perform under the moniker of Opéra Mort. (Mark Harwood)


Ghedalia Tazartes/el-g (check out his stuff too)/Jo


Ghedalia Tazartes




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