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Posted in boys, music, photos by okkame on July 21, 2010
King Tuff & Hunx


Vivian Girls by King Tuff: Hefty one moved to Best Coast, and They imported a kiwi bird from Coasting. So that'd be called a Coast business. But I think I don't give much shit about Best Coast after listeing to their quite underwhelming full-lengh debut.



Admittedly, I have a (homosexual) thing for a certain type of white dudes. Kurt Vile and Kyle Thomas aka King Tuff are my current Best 2 gay-up-to guys. I got to know Kyle has a tumblr blog.   

Add to being a super talented musician – I love those bands Kyle is  (was) in, namely King Tuff/Happy Birthday/Feathers and Witch is just ok , he is also a great photographer ! He kicks any the noughties Post-Goldin photo diarist (Mudd Guts is a cool example)’s sleazy ass effortlessly with superior artsy-pukey-nutsy trashy glamour of his photographic excellence, which is damn hilarious. He is a genius !!! Believe Me I’m a cognoscente in this area though I don’t even have a camera !   

You think Hipsterrunoff and Lookatthisfuckinghipster are funny? Subscribe to King Tuff’s Glamour Shot, then you don’t need any of them. King Tuff is a bonafide hipster who mastered this kind of aesthetics and manifests it better than everyone else.   

BTW if he were a gay, It’d be a sure shock.   


Learn King Tuff a bit from his mom:   

Oh, Wait…that brochure Hunx is holding..  Subhumans, A-Frames, Quintron, Ty Segall……? fuck you America.  


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