Today, I got my heart strings pulled once again and the culprit is Angel Olsen

Posted in girls, music by okkame on August 4, 2010


I already told youz I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff. And if stretching this farther into Alt./Billboard domain, I still want to see Beth Orton to quite some degree, and even Sarah McLachlan ! (Do you remember the days when Shawn Colvin of Sunny Came Home and Sarah McLachlan of Building A Mystery were vying for the best american girl?).

Angel Olsen is nothing short of being that line of a tiptop female singer-song writer. To Vimeo is to believe. Pronto! However, her self-constituted cultural obstacle that is signified on the following photo would ground her leaping into the stardom or ,to say the least, basking in an adequate extent of the fame and success she deserves



But who knows what’ll happen? She might be the next Best Coast providing neo-Flapper syndrome knocks all the Beach Forest Magic Surf Coast things off.

BTW, as for the album;



A1. Tiniest Lights
A2. If It’s Alive, It Will
A2. So That We Can Be Still
B1. Drunk And With Dreams
B2. Some Things Cosmic
B3. Creator, Destroyer

A bit of an early release on this one, but we couldn’t sit on it any longer.
Endearing, heartfelt, beautiful, epic folk music; intense and real.
Expect Great Things.

Edition of 100.


Not leaked yet. So you must get it from

And on the Flapper note, She got the grace and timelessness of classic hollywood movies which should call forth starry-eyed nostalgia as we know them. … I’ll write the rest tomorrow. I’m fucking tired.


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