Pavement Boy

Posted in comics, music by okkame on August 7, 2010

some generous fan chilling Malkmus with state-of-the-art beer spashes in one of these steaming hot summer dayz @ Osheaga Fest 2010


Why some canadians are booing at this fine tune, “Stereo” ? I really loved this song. Now I look at Shady Lane EP rescued temporarily from my shelf barely looked at. This is a rare korea edition, which is originally released to commemorate their japan tour, and was the only one I could get of theirs, moreover, with difficulty. I didn’t have any smug korean middleclass college rock kid friends who used to score expensive imported albums of CMJ favs such as GBV, Sebadoh, The Pixies, Beat Happening and etc. etc. with their abundant allowances or their parents’ credit cards by CDNOW-ing, and I was (am) living in a city whose Tower Records (withdrawed from Korea yonks ago)’ stocks were not very indie-y, so I sorta missed out on Loser 90’s unwillingly (But honestly, I was listening to GN’R circa 1997 and bought my first rock album, Metallica’s Justice For All (but not for me!) about that time. In 1998, I buy Pantera’s Far Beyond Driven and I am broken. You can say I was late in the league and lame. BTW, GN’R and Pantera are kinda cool now, aren’t they?).

It’s only after 99 or so I was able to get a fair shake of chance to join the game, all by dint of the internet. Oops, as expected, things are going off on a tangent. Deletions are basically about Korea fucking sucks, and even much more so if you were born a proletariat in there – Well, all proletariats are miserable but some sort of them are given opportunities to teach english and make easy money and a living in certain less-sucky-for-the-denizens-of-the-dominant but at all events  sucky country by another natural inequality.

Sorry, you have come a longwinded way to get to this merrily sarcastic cartoon starring Mark Ibold of Pavement. I was hinted about this in a Pavement interview on VICE’s brilliant 1994 issue. To quote their drummer, “Mark Ibold lives in a tenement house in Manhattan on 11th Street in a sixth-floor walk-up, 50 percent occupied by junkies. He just wanders the Lower East Side. This zine Chickfactor is doing a cartoon called “Pavement Boy” that is a really mean parody of Mark. It’s unfair. It hurt his feelings. Mark’s not that guy. He’s not a scenester. The cartoon makes him seem like someone who is trying to poach his way onto every hip guest list in town. But he pays for shows when he could just get in on the guest list.” So I hunted for it.

After reading the below, it’s hard not to believe he is a scenester even though I don’t get many of in-jokes in it. It is told that he is currently bartending in NYC.


Visit Chickfactor for 90’s hipster spree. You can read a few (just a few …) of their stuff online. For noise/avant rock grouches who may think my blog trumps their better-established friends’, I’ve prepared another mortal blow. 

Adris Hoyos of Harry Pussy By Alan Licht: 


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