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Posted in girls, music by okkame on August 11, 2010

Dum Dum Girls with Stephen Pastel

Francis Mckee with Dee Dee



Francis Mckee and Eugene Kelly of The Vaselines in their hipster days, photographed by Stephen Pastel


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She’s rather old for a kiss-blow, yet it would raise your members more than eyebrows.


Perhaps it’s just me, but Dee Dee looks sorta asian, and chick Bobby Gillespie as well. In some way, She was more musical in her old band, however, for all her ambition and talents, was physically ineligible to compete with Beth Ditto. Somewhere down the line, she discovered her ideal aptitude and that’s when all the good things began.

Phases of Dum Dum Girls are as clear as annals of my friends’ love, even though, in reality, they are far more remote than enemies (Do you hear me? You stupid d-bags. You Suck !) of mine. As of late, Frankie Rose went out with The Outs to offer additional slutrry pleasures to indie jerk-offs (according to Twitter, Frankie Rose And The Outs shot an as-yet-unknown music video at The Smell with young goth-punk hipsters, so stay tuned to Slumberland Records’ Vimeo Channel), and was replaced by less bonerable asian girl who played in 88 Boadrum. Such an amazon she is, Frankie’s ego seems to be suitably big and she thus became Dave Grohl of the sisterhood of traveling ripped jeanshorts with her deft monkey wrench. 

So, you’ve seen above NYLON vid? then you must understand why Dee Dee is flying happy with the original Dum Dum girl in the corresponding photo. The Vaselines’ remastered Sub Pop album was supreme, but when you hear this, apprehension comes prior to anticipation, taking into consideration many cases of veterans turning into just has-beens. Anyhow, that’s good for them, and maybe for us, too if they’re still good.

With Dave Grohl being mentioned, it’s time you peeked at much-heard, i guess, but not much-seen 90’s happening of Nirvana X The Vaselines.


BTW, where is Dave Grohl? Oh, I see, I see. People didn’t give a shit about you back then !


On Slumberland(and Stephen Pastel) note, You may know Dum Dum Girls and Vivian Girls credit Black Tambourine as their hugest influence in one accord.

Black Tambourine was like american college kids’ take on british twee and shoegazing, fronted by a Twee proper girl named Pam Berry bolstered by the sonic panzerkorp of mechanic-ish guys who might dig Big Black. Scroll down and watch the video. It’s not likely I’ll be fed up with this vid.


 Black Tambourine – For Ex-Lovers Only

Taken from their album “Black Tambourine.” Directed by Army of Kids from archival Super-8 footage shot by Daniel Searing Jr at the band’s WMUC radio session, March 18, 1990.


Stephen Pastel is twee girls’ perfect boyfriend (Veronica Falls have a song alluding this, “Stephen”), Pam Berry was no exception to this. She wrote a song in which she prays the death of Aggi – Stephen’s then alleged girlfriend, “Throw Aggi Off The Bridge” which I consider the best Black Tambourine song. But Anyways, let’s hear a word from the person in question;

” a coupla years ago I was in a band that recorded a crush song about stephen, the title of which spoke a sad demise for aggi, purely for pro-stephen crush emphasis purposes. I didn’t mean anything malicious by it, I swear! I was scared nonetheless: with the aid of fiber optics, would aggi bust me stone cold over the international line for demising her in a song title? I gave her plenty of chances and she did not nibble. she was too nice. as you would suppose, both of them were quite friendly and ultrachamrming, a joy to chat with, everything you would think the pastels are! here’s some stuff we yapped about that day.”


That is, Here comes a The Pastels interview by Pam Berry.



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