Kemialliset Ystävät – Kivikasan Rauhassa (2010, Fonal)

Posted in music by okkame on August 19, 2010


Finnish invented Xylitol gum that’s really fresh and sells like hotcakes, and Kemialliset Ystävät crafts pop songs to that effect and they purge bad breaths leaking from cranial orifices seemingly caused by your bad eating habits in regard to psychological diet.

Staying children at heart, but ever growing musically Kemialliset Ystävät transffered their zany, psychoactive rendition of Looney Tunes soundtrack to ultra clear Blu Ray format, implanting much more discernible narrative and pristine third-eye landscape in it to best befuddle us willing strays with their convincing synaesthetic speech, without treading fey path of conceived naivety a la Toytronic and the tedious road of hoary hairy hare krishnas; It’s when myspace self-categorization of Comedy/Healing Music/Chinese Pop comes non-ironically impish or ironically sincere. If this single foretells their forthcoming full-length, it’d be safe to say that will be super good – it turned out as “Album Of The Year”.



“Taken from the band’s upcoming Ullakkopalo album, new single ‘Kivikasan Rauhassa’ finds Kemialliset Ystavat up to their old tricks of seemingly playing several different songs all at once. It all comes together thanks to an off-kilter looped rhythm, but the instrumentation and disintegrating vocals make for a perplexing – if ultimately rewarding – pile-up of ideas. There’s a similarly alluring lo-fi density to ‘Avaimet Auringossa’, whose playful tones and skipping tempo establish a tangible sense of melodious fun until the bass pushes the compressors to the limit, squeezing the track into a quivering soundmass during the middle section. The joyous strangeness continues with the derranged synth-folk chants of ‘Kun Mina Uppoan’, completing an excellent three-track sequence. Bring on the album.”


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