MV&EE – Bollywoe (2010, Child of Microtones)

Posted in girls, music by okkame on September 1, 2010

Samara Lubelski & Erika Elder, photo by this dude


1. Jook Enthusiast
2. The Beater
3. Bhangra Jive
4. Sweetheart of the Nascar
5. Sweet Yoni


MV’s inspired instant onstage raps are a big part of their live appeals and one of the best tracks here, the 17-minute “The Beater”, basically incorporates a long surreal rap from MV with a sublime Skip Spence plays On The Beach groove courtesy of The Wolfpack: Rafi Bookstaber on percussion/guitar/space whisper, Paulie G on flute, Rongoose on synth percussion and Jeremy ‘Woods’ Earl on percussion and rhythm guitar. MV’s rapping style is inspired, equal parts Dylan circa “Yea! Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread”, Sonny Blount and Kenneth Patchen. The opening “Jook Enthusiast” is a solo MV raga that matches Alan Silva’s Skillfulness with modulated Indian electricity while “Bhangra Jive” approaches the recent live groove-based style that touches on Miles Davis’ Dark Magus era with psychedelic hillbilly stylings and an inspired rap, this time from Erika. Backing comes from Samara Lubelski and John Moloney, with MV trading wild guitar lines with Willie Lane like the early Television. There’s a version of “Sweetheart Of The Nascar” that’s close to the single version but a little more frazzled while the closing “Sweet Yoni” is an eye-lolling raga with some exuberant dulcimer. MV&EE are on a creative roll of late and this is a particularly necessary installment. Edition of 99 copies, packaged in the usual swank COM style, with hand-painted sleeves and fold-out card inner. – Volcanic Tongue  


Be Bollywoed 


Track 3 Bhangra Jive awfully entrapped me and I’m just happy being locked in this riveting indulgence of reckless, jutting-out groove and tearing guitar wah-s, under the command of Erika Elder who voices insatiable wanderlust and the love for life like ladinized Patti Smith with hypnotic tenderness in here, and I hope you will as well.


MV&EEBhangra Jive



I saw the below quite sometime ago but it’s more likely you haven’t.


Back in the early 1990s, when grunge was fading away and boy bands were cramming into the golden elevator, recent college graduate Pat Gubler helped start a band called Tower Recordings. Pat and cofounders Matt Valentine and his wife Helen Rush all lived together as a happy household of bedroom-psychedelic weirdos. It was a big, mellow cuddlefest that happened to lead to the most experimental “folk” music ever put to tape.

“We’d make these ‘sketchbooks’ of songs all the time,” says Pat, “and all we ever wanted to do was play.” So they did. Their days and nights were a musical ménage à trois that would end with sweat-soaked clothes and unselfconscious black-light meditations. “We loved it,” says Pat. “Tower just took us over.”

But the avant utopia didn’t last. Matt and Helen got divorced, which threw an “Eww, gross” pall over their group hugs. They tried to stick together as a band, but without love it was a no-go. Tower, like a precious royal diamond, split into three equally sparkling gems.


Yeah, this also is from VICE – P.G. Six on VICE

According to a Wooden Wand interview on Foxi Digitalis years ago, Erika Elder was just one of a few Tower Recordings fans back then. Love finished off Tower Recordings.



I stumbled upon these ladies while searching for MV&EE pics. They have been to MV& EE show. They are the Deadly Nightshades – In the words of them, Toronto based midnight bike crew & design collective combined.


Here ‘s their blog.


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