Greg Kelley and Alex Neilson – Passport to Satori (2009, Golden Lab)

Posted in boys, music by okkame on September 3, 2010


This incendiary crasher is among my last year’s favs and should give this freaking cool Obama X Hendrix 7″ of Bill Orcutt a good run for its money in the department of Best Human Album Cover. The cover indicates that in their days, these dudes could beat the living hell out of any knife-wielding hoodlums with their criminal exteriors, and on this special occasion, for your benefit they rejuvenated themselves to exterminate the musical malady that encrouches upon your precious time by its severely dull edge.

On Passport to Satori, Greg Kelley operates full-on Don Ayler (Albert Ayler’s brother who played a trumpet on many of his albums. I prefer him to Don Cherry) mode making good use of his marvelous Braxtonian achievements and Alex Neilson takes the form of a cruel yet invigorating punisher who with his drum kit discharges formidable torrents of rumbles and clashes which remind me of Rashid Sinan’s play on Frank Lowe’s massive puncher, Black Beings. Anyone who goes for energy music that’s epitomized by a good deal of releases on ESP-disk shouldn’t miss this.


“This beautiful super-heavyweight LP, which comes packaged in a sweet full-colour sleeve reunites the UK’s premier free drummer Alex Neilson, who’s played, amongst others, with Motor Ghost, Directing Hand, Trembling Bells, Tight Meat Duo, Josephine Foster, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Jandek, MV&EE, Richard Youngs, Baby Dee and Alastair Galbraith, with Nmperign member Greg Kelley, whose reinvention of the trumpet is as crucial now as Anthony Braxton’s reinvention of the sax was 30 years ago. A screeching, soaring, scattergun array of noises come maniacally out of Greg’s horn, unlike anything we’ve ever heard and he successfully straddles no wave, concrete and free jazz in a way that makes those genres seem like trite pigeonholes.” – from the label


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