Greie Gut Fraktion – Baustelle (2010, Monika Enterprise)

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I had to whomp up Best New P.O.P (Perfection Of Perplexion) thing because of this staggering body massager of an album. Boomkat’s review is somewhat lukewarm but there’re sufficient guiding facts and interest-arousing points on it. Ignore the last paragraph – the album is complete in itself, no need to progress further.


“Baustelle’ is the debut collaboration between digital sculptress AGF and Berlin lychpin Gudrun Gut. Early in 2009, the pair were approached by the BBC’s Late Junction to work on a set of recordings featuring sounds from Berlin’s many construction sites (or “Baustelle” in Deutsche). This lead to the pair bundling their knowledge together and creating eleven tracks that make the best of their attributes; AGF’s acclaimed programming skills, and Gudrun’s post-industrial, avant-pop charms. The preceding single ‘Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt’ – a cover of an early 80s Palais Schaumberg track – proved that this would be an intriguing project and the full album doesn’t disappoint. With ‘Cutting Trees’ the pair continue their city’s fascination with new music, noise and construction, organising spurts of chainsaw into loping dubstep-style patterns, while ‘Drilling An Ocean’ is much more intimate, featuring Gudrun’s close-mic’d vocals blurred into deep, subsonic hums. There’s more typical Berlin 4/4 grooves in ‘Mischmachine’ and ‘Make It Work’, but it’s when they move into more abstract spaces that they’re in their element. The uneven stereo balance of the beatless ‘Betongiessen’ makes great use of the source material, mixing coarse field recording textures with shiny glass and steel digitalis, but equally their beats on tracks like ‘Grossgrundbesitzer’ retain the grit and essence of the worksite with nods to the industrious rhythms Einstürzende Neubauten. Like Berlin itself, this album feels like a work in progress that the pair could take much further with the benefit of their combined skillsets, this is just the start of something rather interesting…” –  from Boomkat



Above all, the production (including all the textures, and the qualities of sonic matters and the placements of them) is so rich and exuberant that you’ll have an impression that your lousy audio system is upgraded to a great degree once you hit the play button on whatever medium you use (a three-dimensional synthetic experience no need of fancy apparatuses !) – if you have a hi-fi, it’s time for it to reach the full potential.

This album joltingly conveys the vibrant modernity of Berlin in its remarkable diversity (MUNK-like electro beats, ruckuses of collapsing new buildings which are being revamped in the process at the same time, seductive whispers of teutonic Donna Summer, nonrepulsive Bjork, alluring spoken words of a fatal spirit crowding an empty trance club at midnight, sci-fi cabaret, hypnotic drone sounds recalling Ellen Fullman, computerized Sublime Frequencies and very rarely, arabrasive statics similar to electric guitar sounds) and engaging clarity.


Greie Gut Fraktion: (L->R) Gudrun Gut and Antye Greie


One merit being a music nerd with eclectic taste is you can have more women to covet, in this case, intelligent ladies with laptop composure. Electronic musicians like Kaffe Matthews, Mileece, Blevin Blectum, and so on, when you are exposed to their excellent works (Well, Mileece -another VICE link- just has classic super good looks, regardless of her music), are equally attractive as hipster girls your next door. Speaking of Greie Gut Fraktion, they got their own physical charms, and older but prettier Gundrun Gut might be gay and Antye Greie is married to this infallible dude (though last AGF/Delay album was quite disappointing, I mean IDM-like, if my memory serves), so they’re practically not available.



Hear backstories of the tracks on the album from the tongue of Gudrun Gut herself via Self-titled Magazine with streaming.

Self-titled has been kicking every business peers & rivals’ asses as far as I’m concerned. I can say it’s my favourite music magazine. It has the in-the-now new york feel like Impose does, and its all-hip, varied music taste (important !) has been contributing to a glut of  good articles & interviews on it. It’s also interaction-wise and can be read intimately and crisply like blogs of your actual friends. But what makes it standout from the rest most is their smart visuals accompanying texts. Many of their urbane, snazzy photos (some of them are artfully modified like the just above) are exclusive and you’ll find yourself snagging them not long after you get there.


Greie Gut Fraktion: Wir bauen eine neue Stadt –
video by Isabel Karst and the merz gang
at merz Akadmie


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  1. groove68 said, on September 25, 2010 at 1:39 am

    Berlin Now, rare 1985 documentary, feat. Gut’s old band Malaria

    video on demand stream

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