Sasha Grey’s Anatomy

Posted in girls, photos by okkame on September 12, 2010



The tracks remind me of some musical vortex absorbing the sounds of humanity, its pain, anguish and pleasure, and then compressing it before spitting it out into a moody multi-textural wash. Did each track take a lot of tampering to get it right? Or did you operate out of an intuitive impulse and nail it? How much of a perfectionist are you when it comes to music?

Sasha Grey: We operate like dub scientists, Avant jazz men from the 60’s, punk rockers who don’t even know 2 chords but feel a wealth of emotion. We stand up like a Jackson Pollock version of an Andy W[arhol] as menstruated on by de Kooning. I saw someplace that This Heat used to spend months just talking about an idea before a single note or sound was put to tape . . . we like that too.


WTF she means by this Jackson Pollock X Andy Warhol X De Kooning jumble shit. pretentious douche.


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  1. ignatx said, on January 24, 2016 at 10:44 pm

    I am so fucking relieved you ended with “pretentious douche.” Because otherwise I was going to have to hate you/

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