Posted in films, music by okkame on September 18, 2010

Director: Theo Gallehr
Year: 1967
Time: 47 mins
Mario Bertoncini
Walter Branchi
Franco Evengelisti
John Heineman
Roland Kayn
Ennio Morricone
Ivan Vandor
Frederic Rzewski
Eye of Sound: Nuova Consonanza operated as a new music collective trying to bridge the gap between composition and performance, exploring sonic fields not too distant from those charted by AMM or MEV. Though they worked as an open project, this fascinating film documents the group’s early experiments through their core-founders. Stage performances, backstage experiments, interviews (subtitled) and discussions pile up as if part of the same event. And this event is justifiably felt by the protagonists as a revolutionary moment, one which would lead them to unexplored sound territories. Not surprisingly, the music still sounds as fresh, inventive and untamed as it probably did when it was recorded.

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