Zdenek Liska – Marketa Lazarova (1967)

Posted in films, music by okkame on September 21, 2010


Hear or Here


Seen Svankmajer’s “Ossuary” via , it was as gripping and dazzling an execution as Death can do to me without actually disembodying me and even had no room for me to nod off (hey, be honest, mostly, experimental films absent of human characters are boring) because the superbly spellbinding music that accompanied dreary yet livelily moving visuals saturated (about ten-mintue length) time & space in it.

As this “a strange mixture of light jazz, quasi-lyrical female vocals and contemporary music intertwined with the image’s alternating rhythms.” music left me with bigger impact than the movie itself, I did a little search as usual.

I could locate only two works of Zdenek Liska on the internet (sadly, not Ossuary song), both of them are soundtracks to landmark czech new wave films, respectively “The Shop On The Main Street” and “Marketa Lazarova”, the former is on Criterion’s princely catalog. It’s not likely I’ll go for these movies soon since there’re tons of overdue homeworks in regard to this medium/art form, but in the meantime, I could motion-picture them out of these wizardly auditory materials.


Zdenek LiskaMarketina svatba


This is the standout among 17 tracks on the album. Simply transcendent – the undefiled chorus slowly makes its way to heavenly euthanasia. nuff said.


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