Posted in boys, music by okkame on September 28, 2010


I can’t stop listening to this new thumping fungi track. Incurably WOWed. It’s bigger and stronger than their rather bashful full-length that I enjoyed very much (Apparently, their cocks and balls are still growing).

Fungi Girls is the best JAMC-laden garage rock band as of now, employing only the good sides of contagious Wavvy features, hands down. At this point, I should confess Juno and Super Bad are my favourite american movies and they look just like those enviable american kids in them. But in sounds, they mature into a James Dean-esque badass motor biking on a certain sunny californian expressway (should I say Texas? no, it really doesn’t sound that way !) with all Reid bros aplomb and swagger, and fitting leather props, transporting stunned onlookers to the velocity they steadily carry away. Within this winding space of the intemperate speed, we are only to be pleased by honeyed winks gently being beamed from one insanely good looking lad.


Fungi GirlsSun Blues


onto your choice player


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