People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz – Magic

Posted in music by okkame on October 2, 2010


This magical confect of the sound and visual came out while I was (still am) being hurt by the failure of my considered attempt to be Viki Bennett’s twitter follower – As I’m a giant fanboy, this kind of myspace/twitter stuff disheartens me to a degree that it sorta gets in the way of my devoted appreciation of the works by disheartening people whose works I adore. Seriously, Vikki, why can’t you…, I was once your follower before I quit twitter sometime. Nonetheless, I’ll replay these elegant sweet nothings until you approve my request as my protest against your excellence.

Forced Exposure/Wire reading ATP hipster dude named Matt Groening also loves this. So If you ever enjoyed The Simpsons, there’s a chance you’d dig this. And I’m convinced everyone enjoys The Simpsons.



Magic is an excerpt from “The Keystone Cut Ups”, by People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz from 2010.

The Keystone Cut Ups is a live a/v performance that combines video-collage with an original musical score, created using sampling and live instrumentation, to explore the aesthetic, contextual and stylistic relationships between early silent-comedy and early avant-garde cinema. 

Further info:


Over the past five years the collaboration of People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz has produced two full length albums, a podcast series, a live soundtrack to Christian Marclay’s “Screenplay”, a 7” single on Touch, and a 10” EP. Their work has been disseminated internationally to widespread critical acclaim, straddling the absurd with the accessible, filtering experimental and avant-garde techniques through the looking-glass of humorous pop music. They have come to resemble something akin to the Morecambe & Wise of the avant-garde…

Individually both artists have produced a vast body of work that collectively spans hundreds of hours, across film, theatre, albums, radio and live performance. Most recently People Like Us released the album “Music For The Fire” in collaboration with Wobbly on the Illegal Art label (with a new solo record due later in the year). Ergo’s most recent productions are the new album “Things to Do and Make” on Care in the Community Recordings, and the contemporary opera about radio, magic and death “The Mourning Show”.


People Like Us website –
Ergo Phizmiz website –


“… a freeform, unfolding imaginary landscape that is liberally peppered with slapstick.” – Phil England, The Wire

“Bennett has taken Eisenstein’s montage collisions and refashioned them as bumper cars at a seaside carnival.” – Jim Supanick, Film Society of Lincoln Center

“Genuinely astonishing” – Boomkat

“Hilarious, but also fascinating…audacious, kaleidoscopic pop assemblages” – Brainwashed

“Beautiful, compelling, funny, crazy stuff” – Matt Groening


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