Philly Arbiter-Almost Known

Posted in music, photos by okkame on October 9, 2010

Stephen Shore, U.S. 97, South of Klamath Falls, Oregon, July 21, 1973



Peer pressure and identification beat together along the blurring avenue of the chicken or the egg conundrum and they must be imaginary when I clearly know there’s no one animate to encourage and welcome me in this socialization process toward settling into the dream nest.

The culture only can be found in my solitude, and here, the real world, is infested with underwhelming critters half-dead, nauseating me through the coded means of their meager survival jarring with mine.

Negativity might be the consequence of unseeable, perhaps lost, positivity but you should keep in mind that denial is just a step foward for articulating positivity to take it back to my life, or make me alive.

Thank you VICE for my another advance. Willie Lane is no more mere name I chance upon the album credits of  MV/EE. Now, along with Steve Gunn, you’re one of two of  the most dependable urban lumber jacks who conjures post-Fahey americana to galvanize my korean drabness.

Read this interview of Willie Lane. I really like VICE when they tackle Volcanic Tongue subjects; Matt Valentine, Albert Ayler, the Blue Humans, Graham Lambkin, Joshua Burkett, Chris Corsano and so on,  aren’t they winning namedroppings for Tip Of The Tongue? It seems not unlikey that David Keenan reads VICE. Hmm btw, you’re also from Hampshire?

During the process, I’ve digged out Stephen Shore interview on Interview magazine. Read this, too, if you’re an artfag.


Willie Lane Philly Arbiter-Almost Known



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