Posted in boys, films, photos by okkame on October 11, 2010

Chris Parker by Godlis



Godlis is, to quote his own description, “a Lunatic Phographer”, who shot this famous No Wave  group photo. He runs a blog that demonstrates his unconverted New York cool, softly awaking Lower East Side’s best days.

If Chris Parker, Perfect Boyfriend, comes across as a familar figure, it’s because you have encountered him before. It does not have to be tactile though, as he seems to only exist in Jim Jarmusch’s Permanent Vacation to most people. Yes, Chris Parker is that pretty as sin, languidly lost boy in Permanent Vacation.

This Bomb magazine interview shall help you, provided you feel like learning a tad more about him or simply want to read 1982 Jim Jarmusch interview, just two years after the film’s initial release.


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