Magik Markers – Soundlab, Buffalo NY 3/25/2010

Posted in music by okkame on October 16, 2010


Elisa Ambrogio’s buttocks are precious, so is she. My early Magik Markers live memories stream along the trajectory her wobbly hipshakes trace out. I craved her jumping on me, popping out of the youtube. At first, Magik Markers were more like a fun novelty to me as they seemed to many at the time, but I never criticized them (about their probable ineptitude for solid rocking) since they got this gleamy promise in them that compelled me to expecting their every next moves with pulsating positivity. With all their eminent growths, what has been happening to the grouches who mistook them as a sham? They all should be repenting of their rashness to qualmlessly revel in The Markers’ splendor, if they weren’t imbeciles with abnormal hearings anymore.

This vid is a rocker. Elisa Ambrogio is a mystic Mizutani/Haino compound trapped in the sparking, cuddlesome Ellen Page-ness. She intructs how to regally beat the magik marker to every impotent man all over the world. Needless to say, she looks pretty fucking good at that. It doesn’t smell of penis envy at all. Women in Rock ‘N’ Roll are like men in the fashion world, the ones who surpass the opposite sex that are crowding the greater part of the pyramid in each field, except for the summit. The difference is that the formers are only cool, the latters are only gay. Rock ‘N’ Roll is made for women. Not pussies.

I wonder if she’s still dating Ben Chasny.


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