The Petticoats – Normal EP (1980)

Posted in girls, music by okkame on October 17, 2010




Triggering yet another girlfriend reverie to my impossible boyish ego trip, The Petticoats were transmitted directly to the vulnerability of mine, from arcane Killed By Death camp.

I love the name, “The Petticoats”.  The Petticoats are Stef Petticoat who carries every weight on her own. But it’s quite simple; You know, The Raincoats, Kleenex/Liliput and all that. So it’s not that simple. We just have one more singular girl; A haughty young english harridan, fondling her bare-bone instruments, endearingly howls, hollers, and warbles in her low-rent hole littered with all sorts of handcrafted tchotchkes and punk memorabilia, in the lauguage of puberty-stricken girls that are sensitive yet daring as fuck.

This is as gutsy and stripped-down as your cherished friend could be at his/her leisure.

Ho-oo, it’s so funny, hahaha, really funny, Ho-oo what do you think I am?“.


Here‘s a petite interview of her. According to the interview, Ohio hipster pop oddballs Times New Viking covered The Petticoats’ song to their credit.


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