White Hills – Stolen Stars Left For No One (2010, Thrill Jockey)

Posted in music by okkame on October 24, 2010


I thought White Hills are rather bland and slick but it might be ascribed more to my jaundiced eye darting the label (you know, Thrill Jockey is such a posh cohort, like the record industry equivalent of agnès b. Not to mention I hate post-rock. Well, possibly it has more to do with my non-sedatable aversion towards those PC ugly korean plonkers who ludicrously believe Tortoise and Jim O’ rourke – hey creep, don’t call this autistic bore-monger “Jim O'”, are the culmination of modern music, who traumatized me forever) than their sounds in themselves.

This album proves to me White Hills are menacing as fuck as a pack of starving wolves and the pacemaker of transportive psychedelia. And I just have been listening to the first track of the trinity. I don’t quite seem to go past it for I am being sucked into the quicksand of debauched Space Ritual once beckoned and it’s becoming the act of my will over time. The best jammer I am happy to efface myself within in quite some time (No overdubs?, really?). I should sue them for my warped sense of time before they sue me for the free ride.



White Hills Drift Away



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