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The dearest star-in-eclipse Mischa Barton was at one time a prostitute.


 But don’t excite your wiener yet, prostitution fulfills a moonlighting only within the boundaries of her sinking actress career.


 Chain GangProstitute 


An invigorating slice that evokes grime-haunted New York City, in the manner of roaming elatedly around its dim back alleys where all the tawdry stigmas bloom into a dazzling jubilance by the vile breath of a lost soul. The sublimation of squalid truth, the secular gain full strength to penetrate the celestial grace and eventually colonize the holy place once and for all. 

Hold it, you sing “We’re all prostitutes”, but what about our children? Do you think they can handle it?



Chain Gang Perfumed (1993, Matador)


You can read their Forced Exposure interview on Matador site.


from Forced Exposure #13, Winter 1998
Regardless of the fact that you’ve probably never heard ’em, Chain Gang have been an operational underground unit in New York for over a decade. As such, they should be held in esteem as contemporaries of the Ramones, Heartbreakers and Manster. That they are not viewed thusly (or even as the forefathers of Teenage Jesus, Mars, Sonic Youth, et al.) is mute testament to mass stupidity. Their records have been consistent ear-cork, their live shows are legendary, but most people still remain pathetically unaware of their existence. In order to make their presence known to a few more hepsters, we offer this interview with the band’s lead singer, Ricky “Don’t Call Me Ricky” Luanda. It was conducted in July ’87 at a bar called Brewski’s, New York City.

To be continued on here


 Would I switch “hepster” with “hipster?”


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