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Korean at his savagest


This vid would be registered as your fav youtube of all time, depending on your moral sense.

The yakuza dude  may not speak korean properly since he is a japan-bred of our ilk. See how sensational it can be if Japan and Korea collaborate underhandedly.


“On March 12 1995 the Japanese doomsday cult Aum Supreme Truth released poisonous gas on the Tokyo Subway system, killing and injuring many people. Subsequent raids on their facilities uncovered stockpiles of chemical weapons and firearms.

On April 23 1995, as Hideo Murai, the leader of Aum Supreme Truth’s Ministry of Science was entering the cult’s headquarters, Hiroyuki Jyo, a South Korean national and initiated Yakuza of the Yamaguchi Family stabbed and killed Mr. Murai. Mr. Jyo did not resist arrest, and peacefully stayed at the scene until he was arraigned after the ensuing confusion. The police stated that they could tell Mr. Jyo was a professional, as the knife was aimed at precisely at his vital organs, and the knife was twisted in a way that guaranteed maximum amount of blood to be lost in the shortest possible time.

Later, it was confirmed that Hideo Murai was the man responsible for producing the poisonous sarin gas, and the cult had plans to reduce the city of Tokyo to 1/10th of it’s current population, in their own words.

On a comical note, the delusional Aum Supreme Truth immediately stated that the Jews were responsible for the death of Murai.”


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