Erase Errata is back !!!

Posted in girls, music by okkame on November 4, 2010



Thank heaven, my favourtie gay (at least, Jenny Hoyston is) act  makes a long-awaited comeback to the region of artsy-fartsy hipster warehouses.


Erase Errata Damaged

This song(Download) is up-to-the date, alteredzones-friendly, subtlely breaking away from the raucous days of Narnack, TMU and defunct SF noise rock scene, but hey, Erase Errata were always in favor of ’80s in their refreshing innovations of The Au Pairs/Rough Trade post-punk.


Does this qualify as a complete departure for Erase Errata? Kind of. For the past decade or so, they’ve been a funk-punk band, all messy energy and fire, one of the groups happily influenced by ’90s fury. But they’ve been gone for a minute, and judging by their new single “Damaged” out on Kill Rock Stars, it seems like they spent their little vacation in a Haunted House, not a punk house. The band’s new song is dark and polished, a cold fog that owes more to the ’80s than the Errata’s usually beloved ’90s. Jenny Hoyston’s voice has a great, Gothy layered effect that makes her sound like she’s telling a scary story. It’s awesome, and we’re stoked that we have new reasons to love this band. Buy the new 7-inch at KRS’s web site – The Fader


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