Posted in films, girls, music by okkame on November 11, 2010

photo: Ally Sheedy. Her acting in The Breakfast Club and High Art colored me tantalized, my awefully wistful eyes bled teary crushes on her. Any movie recommendations for Ally Sheedy betwitchment?


On a side note, High Art is a perfect movie that amply catered to my New York la boheme vanity. And there’s an indelible hipster instant in the movie – a guy accusing his shortly-turning-into-a-libertarian-lesbo girlfriend of consorting with the kind – a bit dated version of new york hipsters; “The photography by Lucy Berliner (Ally Sheedy) in High Art was based on Nan Goldin‘s work”, so if you haven’t watched it yet, I’ m sure you’re going to do (plus, fabulous Patricia Clarkson stars as a worn-out junkie actress who’s formerly associated with Fassbinder). I’m really looking forward to widely acclaimed Kids Are All Right, the latest work from the director of High Art, Lisa Cholodenko. Her another film, Laurel Canyon (you know what it is) depicts another aspect of bohemian life,  it’s ok. Serendipity is Lou Barlow (Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh fame)’s cameo appearance. I saw Lou Barlow’s solo set in Sydney. He opened for his band, Dinosaur Jr. He started with “Is this an all age show?”,  I lukewarmly responded with “Yeah, we’re all lazy”. And I heard a dude in front of me scoff.


Cut to the chase:

I heard a story once that the Young Republicans played your high school battle of the bands.


Our school was very much like a John Hughes movie. You had the jocks, you had the preppies, you had the stoners, and none of these groups really mixed. The worst enemies of the punk kids were this group called “The Dramies.” They were like drama school types who liked The Cure and wore skinny ties. The thing that really sucked was they thought they were like the alternative–that they were the real fringe element at the school–and we thought they were fucking posers! We were the punks! We were the guys getting beat up and having stuff thrown at us! You’re just wearing your fucking skinny tie! Know what I mean? We hated them the most out of all the groups in our school. Those kids had a band and they very condescendingly challenged us to play with them at the Battle of the Bands. They probably thought, “We’re going to play a bunch of Talking Heads songs and blow them away!” So when they came up to me and challenged me, I was like “Fuck you! We’ll blow you away!” Fifteen minutes later I was in study hall with Graham and I was like “Oh shit! What did I do? We’re gonna get punked out by this Dramie band!”
The Cure suck hard, and Talking Heads suck even harder. It’s the truth.

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