Blur – Girls & Boys

Posted in boys, music by okkame on November 27, 2010

Irresistible. Da Best.


These neo-Mod greats are responsible for a couple of Fred Perry pique shirts left to get dirt in my (quite unlikely) wardrobe. No, they still have a good use since I don’t buy clothes anymore. It was Blur’s “Tender” video where I caught up on this omnipresent laurel wreath emblem. Damon looked dashing in a blue polo job. I didn’t know Paul Weller back then and no one except for me in korea gave a rat’s ass about Fred Perry, ergo it’s nearly impossible to get genuine one for me. I had to go to Japan. I got two, 7,800 yen per each. But by the ironic benefit of Japanese fashion vogue at the time which was translated from magazines like Men’s Nonno, Boon, Cool, etc..,  soon cunning knock-offs ran rampant. But Why bother? I had originals and was about to become a mod. I couldn’t afford those fancy outfits. Nonetheless, I took a stab at so-called Mod music to be converted. … argh, shit, I’m afraid I’d go on forever about these trivial reminiscences. so that’s it.

young Damon might be the only geezer to validate Fila track jumper. Speaking of jumper, we couldn’t downplay Jonathan Davis’ “A.D.I.D.A.S”. Korn !!! Fagget !!! When Jonathan Davis shifted to Puma, it felt like all the world of cool was shaken. I stopped following that leader after that.


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