Hiiragi Fukuda – My Turntable Is Slow (2010, Sloow tapes)

Posted in music by okkame on December 7, 2010


A1   Martinique Post Office  9:38 
    Vocals – Coralie Germeau 
A2   H.Kissinger Of Cetus  9:16 
A3   Down A Dirt Road  3:20 
B1   Slim Harpo Syndrome  3:38 
B2   You Should Take An Umbrella With You  0:47 
B3   Tokyo Delay  9:15 
B4   On A Slow Boat  8:59 

Mastered By – Doronco
Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Mandolin, Theremin – Hiiragi Fukuda


Here’s the ticket



A giddy happenstance that allows us a look into the labyrinthine recess of Tokyo hitherto invisible to our flirting tourist sight, wherein the city’s snarly urbanscape is remapped through the resolution of a forlorn heart to sail out his existential excursion. The depth and intensity of this city rōnin’s consciousness seize the eye of bystanders and lighten it to be in sync with gaining insights he earns as he goes forward and within. Already unwitting companions we are, blissed and agonized deep in the midst of the sepia-toned nether regions of ruminations and illumination.


“90 copies cassette from Hiragi Fukuda of Japanese underground group Doronco Gumo. This is more dosed and heavier on the acid folk vibe than his previous Oya Wa Touhoku, Oto Kumori with a great early-70s private/loner edge complete with echo vocals, comedown acoustic guitars and some stinging lead. Aspects of Masaki Batoh’s Ghost From The Darkened Sea but with a more progressive/rock feel alongside some classic Syd Barrett-isms make for a perfect late-night slow burner. Edition of 90 copies. – Volcanic Tongue”


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