Posted in Art, boys, girls by okkame on December 16, 2010

Tom Haar, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik, Shuya Abe, opening of the Paik exhibition, Galeria Bonino, New York, 23 November 1971



Do you know Paik was a scion of a plutocratic family, one of Big 5 at that time in Korea which included the nascent form of Samsung? He had grown up listening to Arnold Schoenberg and I bet back then no korean ass gave a feeble fart about Schoenberg except for him. Not to denigrate his meta-korean achievement, but I’d like to say money and hipness go hand in hand, back to back, or, at the least, they used to. Willoughby Sharp, Yoko Ono and whathaveyou. It’s time we summoned Pierre Bourdieu from his damp grave to break those formidable bohemians down. You’ve got the money, You’ve got the soul, furthermore the talent?



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