Tilda Swinton

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Tilda Swinton materializes the most advanced form of human (or a Martian as we imagine), but at another glance she is the Gollum at its most human, not to mention her ever-fluctuating grade as an objectified female on the screen, from 2 to 9. In other words, Tilda Swinton is the astonishing coexistence of Science, Fantasy and the Art (of disguise). I hope to see someday a movie that’s all about Tilda Swinton transmogrifying into 1000 different women, possibly men, and bizarre creatures. 

I watched I Am Love (subtitle: Tilda Swinton, the Top-End Cougar) sans spoiler-able information, as is usual practice. I won’t rate the movie but I think it would be fashion people’s dream movie to which Tom Ford might discharge “A Simple Man” jizz in spurts. When it comes to perturbed (or disintegrating) families, the american white middle (to upper middle) class always wins me over and the filmization of that matter is practically the opium for my misfortune. This italian upper class family, not half bad. I don’t wanna attribute Tilda’s rather unethical abandonment of her prior life to familial strife and the weight of her good mother obligation. The gay daughter rooted for her with resolutive tears. But have her life been unhappy? Cougarizing has gone to extremes as she became a cougar too sudden. Hail to lady liberty, her pent-up libido and undernourished love finally found the one to vent upon and feed off ! The concept of fucking best friend’s mother never fails to fascinate my 13-year-old self but you must not be caught up. Friendship is so helpless against the power of Fuck. By the way, I got an impression that the chef was gay, pining for the Cougar’ son. Just me? anyone? Was there a psychological undercurrent that is “I would fuck your mother instead of you” ?


Above all, the score (downlaod) of the film is nothing short of magnificent. I’ve listened to a handful of John Adams stuff. But not this John Adams. He was John Luther Adams. This John Adams seemed far more famous than John “Luther” Adams. So I skipped the former since the latter felt like more indie. This John Adams also rules. and harder.  


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