Circle Pit – Sewercide 7″ (2011, Sweet Rot)

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Their debut full-length missed my vital point by a neck or two, so it’s only a great pleasure to be circle pitted and whacked badly in the fortified armory of their clamoring r ‘n’ r machinery which in aggregate, perhaps would be the raunchest stripteaser you’ll ever employ in order to keep your baleful boner up for a while. Wear your humpy heart on your tattered sleeve to welcome Royal Trux Jr. aka Royal Trux II aka Circle Pit, and never send off His Excellency


I saw these guys when they’re Kiosk and they were the first Sydney local band I had seen since they loved Huggy Bear.


Circle Pit –  Sewercide


Australia’s Circle Pit return with a new single after their debut LP “Bruise Constellation” on Siltbreeze Records. “Sewercide” and the b-side “Roll With The Punches” are more in the heavy glam/proto-punk tradition of their first 7″ and is a taste of what’s to come from their forthcoming LP “Wassup”. Recorded by Mark Nelson (The Stabs) at 3CR Studios, with mastering duties and additional Gary Glitter hand-claps by Owen Penglis (Straight Arrows). Co-released by Sweet Rot and Australia’s R.I.P Society Records for the band’s recent US tour as a one off pressing.


For Better-offs:


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  1. deadmyflannel said, on January 13, 2011 at 9:25 am


  2. fuzzy said, on January 15, 2011 at 4:41 am

    aussi music kicks arse. always has. always will!
    swercide 이노래 듣고있음 막 뇌에서 다이도핀이 분출되는 느낌!

    • okkame said, on January 15, 2011 at 5:37 am

      전 근데 오지 뮤직하면 부득이하게 농장에서 일하던거랑 카지노에서 돈 꼴은거 생각나고 그러네여. 서클 핏 이쉐리가 실쪼개던 것도 생각나네여…

  3. […] This one is slightly different than the A-side in structure, but if we’re talking about guitars, attitude and intensity, then it’s right on point. There’s almost a party-time vibe that comes along with this song, like you could throw it on at your next rager and people would just keep on ragin’. Scuzzy lead guitar licks dominate the song throughout, giving it an even more scratchy and abrasive quality than it originally would have had. The angsty punk glam is forced down your throat as they continue to press on, and after this one you might be looking for a bit more of the heavy action. If that’s the case we have just the remedy you need. Check out the B-side from the 7″ below, and then check out the A-side and even a download of the full 7″ right here @ Perfection of Perplexion. […]

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