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September 1965, Paris Match magazine published a dazzling spread of photos by Tony Saunier depicting Dali playing host to “the queen of Venus” and her entourage among the flaming shards of Cap Creus.

“The Venusians have landed!” spread was touted as a “Dali-fiction spectacular”. The setting was Cadaques’ Couliaro inlet, where Dali and Bunuel had shot scenes for “L’Age d’Or” 35 years earlier. These images were kindly shared by Karl Heinz Klumpner, who points out that many more photos of the event were published in 2000 by Harry N Abrams in the book “Encounters with Great Painters — Taken from the Annals of Paris Match“.
Dali designed the costumes for the Venusian monarch and her amphibian royal guard, drawing inspiration, he said, “from the Egyptian statues at Luxor and the Perpignan train station”.
Dali invites Federika, his invented queen of the Venusians, to dine at his table,” ran the accompanying text. “A prisoner of her S-shaped space suit, she nevertheless remains formal throughout the course of the meal. The tablecloth is peppered with sea urchins, ‘the only animal,’ Dali says, ‘capable of space travel’.”
After their meal, the host has prepared a modest apocalypse: 132 gallons of gas poured into the sea and set on fire. That same afternoon, Dali prepares another tableau vivant: Venusians abducting Earthlings.”




Check Out. It’s a wonderful livejournalog owned by a Ukrainian (most definitely) dame. If you have a liking for the Nyun series on this blog as well as other classy photos, then you’re bound to visit there.  



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