Royal Trux

Posted in boys, girls, music by okkame on February 18, 2011

Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema 



Royal TruxMap Of The City


Jennifer Herrema’s unreserved candor affords a gossipy fan delectable trivia;


Do you (Herrema and Hagerty)  still talk?


No, it kinda sucks. It’s unfortunate. He emails me a few times a year to say hey, but he’s still really hurt by me leaving and he just won’t talk to me. I mean, he’ll talk to me through Drag City about business, but then it’s only a couple times a year that we email each other.


You once modeled for Calvin Klein, but recently you’ve been doing shoots for Volcom. How did that come up?

That was an unusual thing. Five years ago when I bought this place, they got in touch with my manager, who’s really more like my friend. They wanted to meet with me about their record label, it was all good and had money to off. But their record label sucks. The guys were nice but I wasn’t interested in leaving Drag City. But when I met with them I mentioned that my boyfriend was moving out here from New York and he was a semi-pro skater. He was looking for a job, so I asked them to keep him in mind. When he moved out the next year, I got him a job at the record label. So I got to know those guys pretty well. A year ago they just came to me and their jeans are really big with the dudes, the skaters. But the girl’s section wasn’t doing well and they wanted to revamp it. They asked if I’d put my two cents in and do some PR for them and design some custom jeans and it turned out really well. It’s a cool opportunity. We have another collection next spring. It’s really the best of both worlds. I give them inspiration from photos or do a drawing, the designers come up with something and I can change things about them. Once they’re approved, it’s all good. It’s really easy for me, it’s kind of awesome. I’m modelling in the ads and get paid for that too!


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