eRikm – Lux Payllettes (2010, Entr’acte)

Posted in music by okkame on February 25, 2011




At the risk of irritating the people to whom this piracy may concern, I dare to breach copyright once again as the album is such a masterful work of sonic pulchritude that I could not resist spilling it all over my surroundings. And in a sense, it wouldn’t be so selfish to say this material goes along the line of copyleft in nature, oh well, is it?

Via ever fabulous CookShop, whereby I have been able to be exposed to lots of great music I wouldn’t have been otherwise, and I learned so much from there.

Lux Payllettes is french Turntablist and concrète whiz eRikm’s latest. Expect to be whisked away into a phantasmagoria of blood-transmitting images that are being invoked by metabolizing  sounds. A splendid meta-noir full of psychic chases and catches. Explore the jostling inside of a carnivorous cinephile’s irony head. And dance to the interknotting screams of imperishable memories.



“With this piece, I have worked with the sound material of Western cinema in its many manifestations: from optical film sound to videotape, DVD and also with sounds that I have recorded in cinemas during projections. My interest in media perception was ostensibly in one’s own relationship with the act of listening to motion picture sounds: its clichés, tensions, diminutions, sound effects, and the emerging emotional palettes. Yet Lux also reviews the process of one’s identi­fication with certain actors or sections of the population, suggesting the potentially schizophrenic relationship with these projections. My desire, on this occasion, was to support the emergence of psychic images so that the listener would seize different elements to create his own decorations, lights, landscapes. Via this range of acoustic suggestions, the listener would let him be led to the centre of his own interpretations.”  -eRikm


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  1. doru649 said, on March 1, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    cheers man!

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