The Indie Cred Test By Chunklet

Posted in music by okkame on February 28, 2011

The Indie Cred Test: yet another hipster shenanigan?





Chunklet’s third book (and first that is self-published)! 192 pages of hate, love, facts and lies. It’s like what a standardized test would be if it grew a pair.

A year in the making and a successful Kickstarter campaign behind it, The Indie Cred Test is almost 200 pages of seething hate and muffled giggles. Composed by the diligent staff at Chunklet Magazine, The Indie Cred Test is Chunklet’s crowning achievement.

Chunklet’s crosshairs are trained on everything and everybody in their path. Musicians, authors, hipsters, hippies, miniature toy poodles and everything in between. Sixteen chapters, countless sidebars. Do you think you have what it takes to take the test? Like, REALLY take the test? Then crack this monster of a book open on any page and see if you have what it takes. Intense.




From the look of it, Chunklet Magazine seems a little too Death Cab For The Cuties for my liking. Besides, I got an impression that the head honcho of the magazine on view is surviving like a relic of the 90s – a kind of guy who would often be sighted nerding at Beulah shows and date plain-looking Kindercore type girls with whom he made out to Apples In Stereo songs. The kind of guy I could have been in the 90s of The Elephant Six had I been born in the states.


He might have looked like this dude back then.


Q: BTW, who’s this evilly twee emo chump?

A: His name starts with R. He pwns P*tch*ork.



The above video has a spritzy atmosphere peppered with I-Don’t-Age acting-naives and ironic self-caricatures, and for some reason brought to my mind that muchly enjoyed Hipster Olympics from years back. And also the book inevitably summoned The Hipster Handbook from its irrelevancy, though I haven’t read any of the two. But The Indie Cred Test is supposed to be bonafide and right on the heart for it is written by seemingly credible those in the know. I look forward to reading an extensive review of this book by some discerning fella at VICE like that Rettsounds fruit. That funny snob may be too haute and profound for it.


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