Bad Indians

Posted in music by okkame on March 1, 2011



My friend GGwang hepped me to this astounding whopper whooper, Ypsilanti, Michigan-based psychedelic garage rock outfit Bad Indians. I’m to blame for his downward spiral into the bottomless underground wonders, but recently he is the one who drags me down to the suicidal brume of jubilant ascension by dint of his newest finds.

Don’t be fooled by the trademark, Bad Indians.These caucasian injuns do a hell of commerce. Just listen out and watch, then you’ll know that they ply their trade to the best of the rock ‘n’ roll shitstorm and their flourishing business certainly benefits from their handsome features, especially from the extra cute drummer chick and the pretty bassist.

And at , you can stream and download their excellent music for free.



whoopee !



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  1. wookbba said, on March 2, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    thank you for the great music..I appreciate it.

    I’m just curious how you have thought of Korean Indie-rock scene although I’m assuming that you might have zero interest in that particular scene.

    Anyway, I’m really enjoying your blog!

    • okkame said, on March 3, 2011 at 1:29 am

      Don’t get me started and don’t ever make me waste my precious 2 cents on those loathful no-good putzes again. You wookbba ist that wookbba that owes me yr jizz pile of tuition fee for yr fantasied ejaculation into the art-addled kissers of da UTR h*pster broads, ist you not? Your assumption is fucking ironic, you assuming enabler. Just listen to The Swell Maps over and over until you get it as I told ya.

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