The Psychic Paramount

Posted in music by okkame on March 6, 2011



Not so surprisingly but quite to my surprise, VICE plugs The Psychic Paramount’s new album; . Speaking in terms of music, I maintain the hipsters are the people who listen to music like Pärson Sound and The Psychic Paramount.


gnarly hangover: Upon waking, I felt like my head was an elevator moving up fast and I was in it with a head like a quickly ascending elevator. And it lasted for a spell in an Escher/Moebius manner. It’s possible the elevator stopped off at the 13th floor en route. I had a dream/dreams before that. So many hang-ups and suppressed desires were manifested inside it to imply my stricken ego. Fortunately, people’s memories seldom work well in the dreamstate where the language is spoken equivocatingly. [usual explicitly confessional bullcrap omitted]. Hahaha, sorry my friends, I hate everything around me more than I love myself.


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