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Exusamwa Curse The Day 


By the time you see the name Angela Sawyer pop up at different e-nooks and crannies and google her photos, you’re already in deep musical shit, especially when you’re cursed to live in a constipated douchey shithole that is Korea without a trust fund that enables you to stay abroad but with a turdluge of incorrigible fools and wily brownnosers and small-time powertrippers (worst) who traumatize you forever. It’s apparent Angela Sawyer’s a music nerd’s nerd’s nerd; Once I picked up Helen Kane, a flapper legend whom Betty Boop is modelled after, off her erudite recommendation on Volcanic Tongue and soulseeked and then munched her. And she’s a music nerd who’s playing. Some time ago one of her music projects, Exusamwa, fondled my ears in such a big way that I googled their photos. They were a band of a striking visuality (see above). So it’s not groundless that I was reminded of the GSL bands like The Locust or just musically, some Skin Graft stuff with an enlivening female touch, and Ponytail’s debut album. But they acoustically hinted at their deeper-level record geekery along the way –  btw, I have only listened to their 2009 album Please Allow Me To Induce Myself . Whatever. I’m gonna read this;


Angela Sawyer runs Weirdo Records in Cambridge, MA. She’s a dedicated musician with a weak spot for Julie London, a yen for the ukelele, and a skull tattooed on the back of her hand. She used to work for Forced Exposure and Twisted Village, played in Life Partners and created the pop-collage band The Phenomenological Boys. Her unique voice is as comfortable carving catchy melodic layers as it is hooting and swooping like Tiny Tim in Farsi. She used to run Weirdo out of her house as a largely online venture, but recently she moved into a storefront on Massachusetts Avenue where she specializes in the ultra-bizarre and hosts performances in the tiny shop space. Below, she tells us what its like.





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