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This makes the 3rd EMA-related posting; 1st being in regard to EMA’s 2010 album, 2nd a touching live vid of Gowns playing “Marked”.


EMA casts music that provokes nature’s call both emotionally and physically.

See what happens to you within the changing bounds of The Grey Ship


EMAThe Grey Ship


EMA: “I wanted ‘Grey Ship’ to change fidelity in the middle of the song. I imagined it being like when Dorothy opens the door to Oz and the whole world turns from black and white to technicolour.”


By my reckoning, she’s slated to become a hotshot (perhaps opposite Kurt Vile) and with more luck, the Cat Power of Altered Zones proportions. On that note, I’m 98% sure her new album Past Life Martyred Saints will be BNM’d given Pitchfork’s current BNM policy. She’s that good and I know the futility of Pitchfork rating and BNM more than anyone else does. But she’s that good. In addition, she is a good looking girl although on some occasion I find myself looking at the photos of a variant of Thurston Moore. She’s tall and leggy and has the face of a familiar white hipsters girl who’s reminiscent of a ditzy rabbit (you may have a friend resembling her). And evidently, her nordic blond hair is the finishing stroke. After a plastic surgeon, you better take her to a therapist; Judging from her internet presence so far, she is an adorable narcissist akin to genial a 16-year-old fashion blogger. Her comment on the song “Marked” will give you the picture;

Marked was written in a hallucinatory state, and it came out all in one take completely formed. The main vocal and guitar that you hear on the recording are the first time that song was ever played, and I wrote it as I went. Despite all this talk of spells and divine perfection, though, I’m actually a very down to earth person! I’m very approachable and I love children and old people. I make small talk with cashiers and desk clerks, jokes with strangers at the bar. On the other hand, I’m kind of a loner. Sometimes I feel like a wizard.”

Then, Read Pitchfork’s recent brief interview with EMA.


In case you still haven’t got the clue, this tweet by her should clarify where it’s at ;”My ass is not diggin the 1ply



She also contributed an amusing piece to VICE;  KEEPING IT BLEAK, Modern Touring in America by EMA



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