Posted in boys, films by okkame on April 3, 2011

Sir. Mathieu Amalric



I have just watched Munich. Fine. It wasn’t very much of a Jew-sympathizing flick but nevertheless, I was wary of getting discomforted by any pro-Jew implicatures, on my guard during the entire movie. * On a side note, The Hurt Locker really sucks ! Boo !

Munich was quite more exciting and far more partial compared to Carlos, a quasi-biopic film in which we follow along the namesake mock-revolutionary over the notable trails of his working life. Carlos, the person, made his international fame in the opposing force (of  Munich‘s Israeli-made terror group) and got passingly mentioned in Munich. I like history and was pleased by the history lesson. While I was on the watch, ever-prominent Mathieu Amalric, France’s national treasure, unexpectedly made a welcome appearance, and it was a joy to see him acting in English. His screen presence is like a luminant knighthood hung upon a juiced donkey. And of course that’s a compliment. His performance in A Christmas Tale as a tetchy, incompetent, prodigal son was as unforgettably good as he was memorably irritating in it. Let’s have a glimpse at two more actors in this line of splendor.


Spain got Jarvier Bardem and he got Penelope Cruz. 



From Puerto Rico hails Benico Del Toro


Korea can field 권해효 (Gwun Hae-Hyo), but to our chagrin, I couldn’t locate any quality picture of him to go with the mix. Blame them photographers. So I’d like to make back to Mathieu Amalric.


Cop his mousy-cute face and impeccable attire. Isn’t he the personification of Mickey Mouse? And he’s also giving out a Serge Gainsbourg sort of franco charm !!!


To finish this manly post off on a high note, we need a dose of beastly vigor so I asked Benico Del Toro a favor. 


Yow !



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