Nardwuar vs. Veronica Falls

Posted in boys, girls, music by okkame on April 5, 2011



Nardwuar is such a shrewd and jovial interviewer/conversationalist. Glad to hear names like Skinned Teen and Finally Punk being dropped. And also it was quite a suprise to know this lanky V. Falls dude runs a british music label Germs Of Youth.  Didn’t know their “Starry Eyes” is a Roky Erickson cover. It’s a bit funny to see the Bassist girl awkwardly being left out as a sort of a mike stand as the band performs an acoustic version of the song.

Veronica Falls are not a genial twee band as attested by Roxanne’s sassy, moderately cynical manner. I bet she frequently talks shit and that only adds to her/the band’s charm. I think I saw that a beer can was flung at Marion, the poor Bassist girl again, while the band played at the Cakeshop, Youtube. She seems like too good.


Back to Skinned Teen, I almost swooned at their clips in the GREAT mini Riot Grrrl docu below a while ago. Diabolically CUTE ;

“A Video about the 1993 tour of the U.K. by Riot Grrl bands Bikini Kill and Huggy Bear.
Also contains contributions by the Raincoats, Sister George, and Skinned Teen, interviews with all bands and many girls at shows.”


I was meaning to graft the docu onto my blog but it’s protected. Nevertheless, it’s nothing short of amazement. Go see.


Let’s wrap it up for the day with another amusing Nardwuar bit.


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