Posted in films, girls, music, photos by okkame on April 7, 2011




Making the rounds in a conic region of assorted  circles of better-versed hipsters is Blank City, a film by a french lady whose name I won’t memorize.  I was previously tipped off about it by my acolyte Wookby and I say this just so you know I was aware of it very early. It would make me feel very hip to watch this film but I don’t really care. Even so, have-yet-to-watch-it prompted me to grub this forgotten pictorial ornament out of infamous Susie Bubble’s blog where I originally discovered it a few years back.

This series of photos of NY hipster doyennes is taken by Edo Bertoglio who is also the director of  Downtown 81, one of the films to which Blank City pertains. Look up at Anna Sui in particular and wonder why she looked so cool back in the day.


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