SUNFLARE – Young Love (2011, Cubic Pyramid)

Posted in music by okkame on April 13, 2011

“Loud, heavy, and completely blown out swirling psychedelic rock and roll out of Portugal. An Acid Mothers Temple sound recorded at a Boris/High Rise volume. Highly recommended. Only 250 copies pressed. – Ongakubaka 



Dear Psychedelic Speed Freaks the world over, it has been a long time coming. For what? -you know exactly what I’m gonna preconize. Enough of slapdash High Rise/Mainliner name-droppings. This is it. This is The Fucking it. An unapologetically virtuosic, dud-free by default, dead-right-on-your clogged-central-nerves psychedelic earthmover is on standby to expunge all your doldrums and self-percieved mediocrities. To be honest with you, they even sound better than High Rise and Mainliner. What more do I need to say?  Their identity is eclipsed by the daredevil  SUNFLAREs save for the origin – Lisboa, Portugal. I think it is not sly promotional hermitsm but a lack of information. Anyway, visit Cubic Pyramid for the touch of actual grabbing. 



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