Ty Segall – Sad Fuzz + Between Two Buns: The Burger Records Story

Posted in boys, girls, music by okkame on April 20, 2011


So many young and good looking hipsters in the audience. Ty Segall appears to be the Kurt Cobain of their generation. I expect Ty Segall’s new album on Drag City to be BNM’d regardless of its content, given that Pitchfork is being hysterical to be relevant. And then wagon-hopping Pitchfork-reading (I don’t think they can truly comprehend reviews on P4K, but anyways) Korean dimwits proclaiming their love for Ty Segall will ensue. 




Burger Records is an independent record store and label based out of Fullerton, CA founded by three friends: Sean Bohrman, Lee “Noise” Rickard, and Brian Flores. The store had only been open for a little over year when we made this movie, but they had already released close to a hundred cassette tapes and vinyl records exclusively of bands they love as well as fostered a scene of people excited about what they do. I made this for my 11th grade documentary class.
Features music from Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin, Thee Makeout Party!, Audacity, Moonhearts, and Milk ‘n’ Cookies.


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