Posted in Art, music, paintings by okkame on April 24, 2011

Alfonso Ossorio, Fluxus, 1958



Hop to here. It’s a flickr home of someone under the alias of Sarcoptiform. It has a great stash of viewy pieces scanned personally by the person in question from various sources – from magazines, book and record covers to everyday articles – in a magnanimous way. This stuff is hard to find elsewhere on the internet. A great taste and a very fine representation of it.

Sarcoptiform might be a “she” as she owns a pair of wooden platform shoes but I temporarily concluded her to be him after sleuthing from his blog that reeks of a huge music nerdery. You know, girls scarcely do this kind of stuff – such as labeling, archiving, annotating, contextualizing, and ripping & uploading, and if ever they do, they’re destined to suck at it. He himself is a competent artist. Look at the below picture of his. You can see more of his work at here. Bonus point: The record covers he scanned bear the names like Comets On Fire, Godz, Faust, Nurse With Wound, Chrome, Holy Modal Rounders and so on. I guess he’s from California. Some magazine like Fecal Face ought to blow his cover by interviewing him for the public good.


A Shrek-esque creature created by Sarcoptiform


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