Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy in Coney Island

Posted in boys, girls, music by okkame on May 9, 2011

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – “2-15/New Partner” accompanied by Cynthia Hopkins. Directed by Lance Bangs, audio recording by Dan Roorda, filmed with Braden King, Shawn Kim. Coordinated by Morgan Lebus.



Prince Charming out of the bushy woodshed winds my heart around his acute fingers and earthy voices, rendering me speechless in directionless lovesickness. A girl in the audience who’s my vicarious self goes bonkers as 2-15 segues into New Partner, that touching song of Palace Music. A man of remarkble fashion sense, Prince Charming on the stage softly invites an evenfall musing on the bygone effervescence of love.



Fuck yeah, New Partner !!!;


There’s a black tinted sunset with the prettiest of skies
lay back,lay back, rest your head on my thighs
There is some awful action that just breathes from my hand
just breaths from a deed so exquisetly grand

And you are always on my mind x4

Well, I would not have moved if I knew you were here
Its some special action with motives unclear
now you’ll haunt me, you’ll haunt me
till I’ve paid for what I’ve done
it’s a payment which precludes the having of fun

And you are always on mind x4
but hello, I’ve got a new partner riding with me
I’v got a new partner, hello

Now the sun’s fading faster, we’re ready to go
there’s a skirt in the bedroom that’s pleasantly low
And the loons on the moor, the fish in the flow
And my friends, my friends still will whisper hello
We all know what we know, it’s a hard swath to mow
when you think like a hermit you forget what you know

And you are always on my mind x4
I’ve got a new partner, riding with me x3
I’ve got a new partner now



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