nom @ No Fun Fest 2011

Posted in boys, fashion by okkame on May 11, 2011



Last week I wrote about why I wouldn’t want to live in NYC, and if I had seen this video, I may have included “crazy naked subway racists on PCP and cops who don’t do shit while they attack random passersby.” I’m assuming the policeman held off on doing anything until after the enraged guy attacked two or three people because he didn’t have back up? A sticky situation to be in, but where was his nightstick? Or his taser? Or pepper spray? I’m confused? (Sorry for the sideways view.) –  Brandon Scott Gorrell via Thought Catalog.



This vid will be much more digestible if given a right soundtrack.


A track by To Live And Shave In NY feat. Mark Morgan would add a nice hater ring to it. 


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