Posted in boys, fashion, girls, music by okkame on June 11, 2011

Royal Trux: Jennifer Herrema and Neil Hagerty



Being in NYC further polarizes my bipolar. I feel very good today. NYC is Great. I love this city and all these good looking people. Is it too greedy of me to expect a scantling of reciprocation? Wookby is back from Las Vegas to salvage me from labyrinthine solitude. We’re going to Max Fish and then to Cakeshop to see a The Howling Hex show (it is likely to be the other way around). I hope for a Chloe Sevigny sighting at the former and of course, catching sight of another super celeb of my hyper-hip geekdom, namely Neil Hagerty at the latter is firmly secured. I thought about going to Death By Audio because lots of the finer local bands are playing there today but I chose to go for the star-struck milky way. I saw Jennifer Herrema’s RTX before, so by the time I accomplish today’s mission, I will have seen about Royal Trux. No?


A way before the Milky Way;

On my way to retrieve my notebook from a small Korean computer repair shop located somewhere on 29th street, 6th Avenue, I saw a hoary haired white man equipped with wonderfully worn moccasins. He was also donning a black leather jacket which seemed to transmit a lost episode of his turbulent youth. He must have been a badass in his days. As I’m looking for footwear to go perfectly with my jean shorts, I couldn’t resist the impulse to ask some fashion tip of him. He couldn’t remember where he bought them but advised me that I go around Manhattan since there is a bunch of shops selling shoes like them around here. Hmm? Do you know any shop to shop for Moccasins? I prefer second-handed ones because they’re cheaper and look more natural.




I should look better in this beautifully defaced city. But the condition I’m in screams “Get a life (or Job)” at me. I never had and will never have many clothing items but I believe I have a fashioin sense not subpar to those preening New Yorkers’. So if you ever encounter me on any piss-littered street in NYC, please do not assume this is how I want to bodily represent myself here. And you better be functionally dressed when you need to get your notebook back (I must go to that computer repair shop again to have my keyboard fixed in a week).

I keep listening to Boredom’s Vision Creation Newsun. I’m fighting to think posi and stay chipper. I’m now playing Bush Tetras but I didn’t go to their show. Because this is New York and they will play soon again in a more attractive  setting. And they’re old -_-;


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