Steve Gunn – Dusted Mind

Posted in Friends & Myself ? (maybe someday), music by okkame on June 18, 2011


I burst out warm tears listening to this song. I’m depressed even though I’m twisting my muscles to “Fuck The Police”. Now “Gangsta, Gansta.” N.W.A., you’re wrong at least for one thing. It’s all about Salary, because that’s about Reality. I love your music but here’s hoping that I won’t stumble onto any N.W.A in Brooklyn. A lanky snoop doggish black dude taught me how to cancel a “Just Used” metro card the other day. When he touched my card, it felt like a layer of my security peeled away. He was rather coarse but turned out to be a nimble troubleshooter. Pardon me, I lied to you. I smoke. I didn’t say to you that I left my ciggarettes at home by mistake, which was true. I felt the need to spare the words. So don’t holler at me, like, “You lying chink”, if you ever see me smoking around Dekalb station. I’m good. I’m going to quit smoking, not masturbating. Thee Oh Sees@Death By Audio soon.


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