The Coathangers – Johnny / Toomerhead @ Kent 285

Posted in girls, music by okkame on July 2, 2011



I’m seething with regret and anger that I skipped The Coathangers/Bush Tetras for what /     /     /  I can’t remember because Bush Tetras seem to play every other week and I was kinda unenthusiastic about going to shows back then ? – well, there were so many options in my hand. The Coathangers are cute as fuck ! and their new album is really good. Biding my time, I won’t forget to hang my coat (perhaps I should wait until this Fall/Winter – The Coat season ?) again.

Kent 285  is the shittest sounding NYC venue so far. This video flatters the venue. Real Estate kinda trumped that setback last Thursday but the other bands couldn’t. The audience was so young. Todd P looked totally out of the youthful DIY league, emitting the ambiance of an unfunny Bill Murray – BTW, Has Bill Murray ever been  funny?


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