Posted in girls, music by okkame on August 5, 2011

As Radigue wrote of “Adnos”: “to displace stones in the bed of a river does not affect the course of water, but rather modifies the way the water flows.”



Glad to be back on the track – meaning, again, madly downloading stuff and perusing useless artsy bullshit on BOMBlog with poise and old-fashioned comfort provided by being at home. Finally agreed to accept my proletariat fate with the least poignancy possible. I may forever live in this loathsome Hooverville of culture as I am not able to bow out from the secular – I’m perpetually fixated on the discreet excellence of the bourgeois bohemian world. Damn it, I’m too smart and hip for a third-world proletariat man. It’s so tragic that it’s almost comedic. I’m listening to the above record and you know I can’t even afford real records. So you know what.  Enjoy !!!  I gather it’s apt for me to masturbate to the person who’s invoking this semi-hypnotic state in me because I feel the urge to express my gratitude. My dick bends to the left, the left pic where Eliane looks like an intelligent french bourgie resistance vixen with the deadly allure of Isabelle Huppert. I badly want to cum at her face. She’s so amazing. Despite its grace, the Bergman-esque right pic has no use  for my condition at this moment. I’m very horny now.


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